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Build Your Portfolio

Start Your Property Journey
March 3, 2016
March 3, 2016

If you already own at least one property, we can help you build on your investment and help you obtain your 2nd or 3rd property to add to your portfolio.

We’re also passionate about helping overseas investors understand the local market in Melbourne, so that you can begin building your property portfolio in Australia.

We can help you

- Evaluate your specific needs and wants and risk profile

- Provide information on which areas and types of properties you should consider first

- Craft a personal property investment plan for Melbourne

- Select capital growth and rental yield options

- Connect you with our vetted team of local professionals in law, finance, real estate that can help you achieve your property goals

- Ensure you understand and comply with local laws and conditions for overseas investors

- conduct the search and help you find the right property for you